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Resources to Help Aspiring Cybersecurity & IT Professionals

In the coming years, jobs in cybersecurity and information technology will continue to be among the most valuable and sought after opportunities in the workforce. For anyone looking to start or expand their career in these key industries, this list of resources – an a wide array of media – can help provide direction and inspiration for your jouney. 


@thecybersecurityhub (news on the latest hacks, exploits, and cyber breaches)

@thehackernews (news on the latest hacks, exploits, and cyber breaches)

@thehardsecurity (learning cybersecurity and programming)

@thecybersapiens (learn cybersecurity lingo and concepts)



youtube channels

Professor Messer  (Security + Certification) 

Scammer Payback

PowerCert Animated Videos  

NetworkChuck (Networking +  Hacking Tutorials)

PowerCert Animated Videos



Ethical Hacking Practice

Codes of Ethics

Financial Aid Opportunities

Professional Organizations