AZ Cyber Initiative

Internship Program

Offering high school students hands-on work experience in the cyber industry

Opportunities for paid internships offered to graduates of our Cyber Bootcamps

The AZ Cyber Initiative works to place students who complete a Cyber Bootcamp in internships with local businesses. Program participants will get an opportunity to work with companies and professionals in a cyber-related industry or serve as Cyber Consultants for small businesses looking to digitize more of their operations. 

All internships will be paid, with AZ Cyber providing a stipend to students participating in the program. 

Internship opportunities are available only to students who have successfully completed an AZ Cyber Initiative Cyber Bootcamp. Participants will receive more information about individual opportunities in the lead up to their scheduled Cyber Bootcamp session. 

Learn more about Cyber Bootcamps or register online.  

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Internship Benefits

The AZ Cyber Initiative’s Internship Program offers unique opportunities rarely available to high school students.

The benefits of our internships include:

  • An early start on a student’s cyber education and a noteworthy boost to their resume with paid, real-world work experience
  • A rare opportunity to get a jump on career exploration and development before college
  • Work on projects students can use to build a portfolio to showcase their skills and experience for college, scholarship, or employment applications
  • Building connections with local businesses and entreprenuers including those who may not otherwise be able to fully digitize their operations