AZ Cyber Initiative


We believe every student ought to have access to the tools and technologies that will propel them to succeed in higher education and help them accomplish a career in cybersecurity. Therefore, we have developed programs that go far beyond scholarship awards and into the classroom through hands-on and project-based learning experiences, and mentoring opportunities.

Educator Bootcamps & School Partnerships

AZ Cyber works with with K-12 schools and from across the state to incorporate cyber awareness and education into all classes and curriculums - not just IT classes. We also offer professional development opportunities and Cyber Bootcamps designed specifically for educators interested in integrating career-connected learning into their lesson plans.

Additionally, we collaborate with schools to provide a wide range of career-connected and work-based learning experiences related to digital career pathways for students.

Cyber Bootcamps

The AZ Cyber Initiative's Cyber Bootcamps are designed to identify and equip Arizona's future cybersecurity leaders. These week-long sessions focus on providing hands-on skill development and career exploration.

The curriculum for the Cyber Bootcamps is created in partnership with affiliated nonprofit organizations, prominent leaders in the cybersecurity field, and various local, state, and federal organizations from both the public and private sectors.

Internships and Mentorships

AZ Cyber offers a wide array of work-based learning opportunities, including:

  • Virtual and in-person internships designed for high school students who have successfully completed a Cyber Bootcamp.
  • Post-high school internship opportunities for students enrolled in certification programs, as well as those pursuing in two- and four-year degrees in cyber and related fields.
  • Virtual mentorships that connect participants with industry professionals.

Cyber Bootcamp Speakers & Instructors

Our bootcamp sessions are led by leading cybersecurity and IT professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.